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I Built My Bedroom All By Myself!
(Okay, with a little help from mom and Scot)


The next step was to wire the room with electric, cable, and telephone lines. Mom showed me how and I did all the work. There were a total of 9 electrical outlets, 3 switches, 2 lights, 2 phone lines, and 1 cable line. Then I fitted the duct work. Not pictured was when I insulated the ceiling for sound control.

The first step was the framing. Scot used metal studs, as they are lighter, cheaper, and easier to work with.



Next, I painted. I used "Hushed White" as a base, then stamped on a mixture of metallic paint and white glaze with a scrub brush for a textured effect. We also had a security system keypad and new ice block windows installed (not pictured).

For quite some time, mom and I worked on drywall. After we cut it to fit and screw it in, I had the tedious task of covering the screws and seams, sanding, and repeating. Not fun. This is also about the time when we realized metal studs are not easier to work with.


Here, you can see the new carpet, a door, and the trim. We insulated the walls, too. Almost done!
I installed the lighting, including wall-to-wall white Christmas lights on the ceiling. Then I moved in my furniture.

Finally finished!

Newest Addition:

A hammock I got in Cozumel, Mexico.

Find everything to 'Do-It-Yourself' on eBay

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